I have made eco friendly, sustainable and natural

handwoven accessories, clothing and homewares

for over 50 years.

About me

I am Textile Artisan and I am Jenny Jackett. I spin, dye and weave practical products which are inherently beautiful. I have many years experience in the textile field. I have made all sorts of things, textile and other, since my childhood and I have personally taught about, exhibited and sold handwovens in Australia and Internationally. 


I use naturally coloured or naturally vegetable dyed fibre and yarn in my range of beautiful, sustainable and eco friendly products. These products include garments, personal accessories and homewares. So much care and effort has gone into the design, weaving and finishing of each item that


I hope that you can feel and value its beauty, care and uniqueness.


Some products are made with commercially dyed yarns but these are being phased out as this yarn stock is depleted. 


My goal is to be All Natural in fibre and dye and using my foot powered loom!

The latest off my loom

 I have used a 30 mt. pre wound Saori black wool warp, in fact I used 2 warps to make up the 80 cm width. I am weaving with all the yarns in my stash, both handspun and purchased, that have been dyed with commercial dyes. I have sorted all the reds to use here and many are wound as 2 or 3 onto a bobbin which sometimes leads to uneven length with the loops held out at the selvedge. The purple is a very fine silk which I use at 8 ends together and sometimes mixed with other wefts to tie it all together colour wise. The plan is to make pairs of cushions.

I am going to use all natural fibre and dyes in future.

Since cutting off my loom this All Natural fabric of natural fibres and natural dyes has been washed, pressed and cut up into men's ties. Here, construction is almost complete. See completed ties here  

All Naturals Tie in silk and linen dyed with Eucalyptus and Goldenrod. Black yarn is alpaca which I have spun. I made the corrugated 'pillow' box which is included, for presentation and posting. See Tie here

This All Naturals silk and linen tie is dyed with Lichen and Goldenrod. Yarn on the bobbin is my hanspun alpaca which I think is the blackest natural fibre. See tie here

  My woven work

Unique handwoven cushion with handle
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