MY CHILDHOOD: I have been interested in textiles all my life. I was encouraged as a child to make simple things by using materials at hand by my Mother, who taught me to knit, rug hook and to sew on a treadle sewing machine, and by my Father, who single handed built our home and farm from a soldier settler bush block in the 1940’s.


IN MY TWENTIES: Later, whilst living on a sheep property in far western NSW in the early 1960’s it was a David Jones catalogue (the twice yearly treasure trove of the country residents) that introduced me to the NZ Ashford spinning wheel kit. Mine arrived on the once a week Mail and after a bit of a struggle I became a spinner.


MY D.I.Y. DAYS:  It was spinning that led me to dyeing and to weaving on a make it yourself Inkle Loom that I cut out of pine board and used long bolts for to hold the warp. I started making men's ties from handspun, natural or naturally coloured wool. These skills have just grown as I needed them over the past 50+ years. My pleasure is in the process of making as well as in the product.


THE FEEL AND CHARACTER: of natural fibres (silk roving, fleece wool, linen/flax and natural coloured cotton roving), the excitement of natural dyeing and the process of weaving these into the textile so that their qualities are utilized and appreciated, fascinate me. I just have to do it from beginning to end!

If you are in tune with the feelings and effort that go into creating a truely unique item then every time you use my handwovens you will treasure with pleasure all that it embodies. 

AWARDS My commitment and enthusiasm has led to various awards, exhibitions, sales and teaching positions in Australia and in the USA and UK.


HISTORY: Weaving is a universal craft almost as old as mankind and has great potential for self -expression even with the most simple of tools. I also find it fascinating that the textile crafts and trades have influenced the course of world history in many different ways.


MY COMPULSION: I create because I feel that there is something inside me that reaches far back in time that forces my heart to express itself through spinning, dyeing and weaving. It is a compulsion!


AND SO, my Studio is part of my living space and my Craft is part of my Life.







  Hello! I hope that you really enjoy looking at my work. 
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