Men's Neck Ties 

supplied with handmade box (as shown) for gifting and for posting.


 Tie 1.       Tie 2.











 Tie 6.    Tie 7.       Tie 8.
             SOLD       SOLD

Tie 3.     Tie 4.     Tie 5.




  This is the last complete warp that came off my Loom. It is all natural fibre of natural colour or dyed with natural materials.

   The 8 metre warp is of some unusual linen and silk 2/20's yarn that I purchased on a cone some years ago in Ireland. I skeined and dyed this yarn with Eucalyptus leaves. The fine black evenly spaced stripe is black alpaca fleece which I handspun. I find that it is the blackest natural fibre that I have seen.  After removal from the Loom the fabric is mended where needed and the yardage is then fulled by washing and pressing. 


The Ties are cut 'on the cross' and because of this, two are similar.

However, each one is unique.


Tipping is with silk fabric and the Tie is stabilised with a woollen interlining.


The wefts are described under each illustration. 


Weaving is hugely labour intensive, even more so than I have described.


It is a constant challenge and

committed work but I love it! I am

always amazed that my craft,

from fibre to fabric, is almost

unchanged since 5,000BC.

See my Loom being 'dressed' or

threaded up here.

Tie 9.   Tie 10
 Tie 11.   Tie 12.     Tie 13.
  Tie 14.    Tie !5.    Tie 16.






Tie 17.      Tie 18.        Tie 19.






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